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Openfire + Windows Server 2016

Hello everyone!

Can I install the version openfire_4_2_3_x64.exe 64-bit, Not Java JRE on server window server 2016?

or better, I install the version with JAVA: openfire_4_2_3_bundledJRE_x64.exe 64-bit, Includes 64-bit Java JRE ??

¿Which is the best option?


I haven’t tried to install it on 2016 myself, but i think i’ve heard it works, but there may be some nuances (@speedy ?). It is recommended to use it with bundled Java, so you will have a version of Java which is supported and works with Openfire.

I think it should install fine. I don’t think I hit any issue when I installed it on a test box…but that was a while ago.