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Openfire with Beejive on blackberrys

I have an openfire Windoze 3.6.2 server with a handfull of spark clients which seem to be working just fine, but i need to have blackberrys working in the field, I set up beejive on a test phone and it cant login, fails every time, I see the logs and its a pretty basic error

2008.12.29 16:42:22 User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed

So any help would be appreciated or if there is a better client to use thats OK as well

Cheers Morgan

is your openfire server exposed to the internet or is it private lan only? do you have a bes for your BB’s?

I didn’t like beejive because (and I could be wrong) but I thought it proxied thru beejive servers to your jabber server. meaning all traffic goes thru their server. encrypted or not I don’t want my IM traffic going thru another server.

from their support page:

Port Access

BeejiveIM uses standard http and https ports (80 and 443) to communicate between the BeejiveIM client application and the BeejiveIM Server. In most cases, these ports should be open to you. If you are on BES and are unable to connect to BeejiveIM, it may be because your BES administrator has implemented an IT policy to block access to the required ports. In this case, you can either contact your BES administrator to open up access, or run the to configure the application to bypass BES and use the carrier gateway.

looks like I am right.

I am looking into this right now and have found 2 clients that work with a bes and don’t require my jabber server exposed.



I am using trial versions right now and so far I prefer the web messenger product.