Openfire with Chatsecure

Hello, my first post here. I’ve been using Openfire for about 2 years now and in general I’m quite happy with it. It Never goes down or have any issues with it. I recently updated it to latest version 3.10.2 and all is good. I use it with Xabber mobile android clients and PSI+ on windows workstations. All this is working great. I can do TLS, OTR with no issues.

I was hoping to implement filetransfer but since xabber does not support it (at least not yet) I was never able to do so. Yesterday I started trying other clients, well you don’t have much options if you want OTR, and filetransfer. So I installed and tested Converstaions and Chatsecure. They almost look identical but Chatsecure looks better in my view. The client is well built and connecting to openfire is ok too. My only problem is OTR and filetransfer. I connected two android devices with same version of Chatsecure (latest one from google play, version 14.2) and two user accounts in Openfire. They connect and chat ok with each in a non-secure mode. When trying to start OTR both clients keep retrying but the lock pad remains open and never locks.

Also trying to send a pic from gallery from one client to the other is not happening either. My questions are:

  1. Is Chatsecure tested with Openfire any compatibility issues?

  2. Is there any plugin in openfire that needs to be installed for the filetransfer to take place?

  3. Does OTR have to work first before asking for filetransfer?

  4. Any other Android clients that offer OTR and filetransfer I could try?


Hi Artan

I’m using openfire server on Ubuntu server 14.04 about 1 month. As you mentioned the android clients Xabber doesn’t

support File Transferring, I suggest to use AstraChat Mobile (Android, iOS), i tested it yesterday… it support file sharing

. But i only was able to send Picture with that.

No clients are tested for compatibility here. Openfire is a standard xmpp server and it should work with standard xmpp clients. So it is up to clients to support features. File transfer is usually happening between clients, so it is most probably a problem with the clients or some network/firewall issue. One can enable file transfer proxy in Openfire, but i doubt it will work better. I don’t think OTR should be enabled for file transfer. Btw, OTR is also a completely client based feature.

i am having the same problem what did you do to resolve the issue?