Openfire with LDAP auth after restart switch do Default (internal DB) auth

I’ve encountered strange problem with Openfire connected to LDAP (AD). After initial setup almost everything works great but when I restart Openfire it won’t connect again to AD just like it was never configured to use LDAP as auth metod. I’ve tried setting up OF with interna and external DB (mysql, mssql) but the result is tha same. Can anyone help me deal with this strange Openfire’s behaviour?

What OS are you using. Looks like a permission issue. Maybe a user, you are installing or running with, don’t have write permission on /openfire/conf/openfire.xml file.

I doubt it’s permissions problem. I’m installing it on WinXP Pro connected to AD, I’m logged in as AD admin with full permissions. I’ll try to paste some logs a little later.

BTW: When my OF installation import users from AD and after that I change settings regarding VCard fields, e.g. nickname to be {cn}, how can I sync them again so my changes will take effect?