Openfire work 2 PC same time

jabber-server on Openfire-3.7.1-1

I have jabber-client Psi+

In my case, I Log In using this Client-id from two different devices (PC-s) at the same time. I can send messages from both PC-s, but when I receive message it income only to the one of the PS-s, and I can’t understand the principle of selection of PS. I need to receive my income messages on both PC-s at the same time and have common history of the messages. But in fact, I get situation in wich each device has its own history and does not receive the messages that other devise receive. So, can I realize this need using only one account?

You can create a system property route.all-resources and set it to true. Then you should set the same resource name and priority value in both clients. Then both of them should receive incoming messages.

when i expose different priorities on the computers,then pickup goes on device with big priority,but when i give the same priority for all devices,the pickup goes for only one device.

Ifbring the mouse over a contact in the roster and see two different resource names with the same the documentation written that using the same default priority messages will be sent to both clients. But for some reason,with me this doesn’t happen With a manual dispatch figured out. Forcibly sent to the selected resource ignoring priority.

I was wrong about the resource name, it doesn’t matter. You should only set the same priority.