Openfire Workgroup with IM Transport


I have recently started to engage myself with XMPP chat and instant messaging gateways.
I think the openfire is brilliant project!

I have installed Openfire with Kranken IM Gateway and Fastpath plugin.
Fastpath works fine! (with the demo)
ICQ Transport works with my user “chris” fine too.

I would like to use instead of my openfire user “chris” a Workgroup / fastpathworkgroup as gateway Registration.

My Users “chris” and “markus” are members of the openfire workgroup “icq” and fastpathworkgroup "icq"
Both users should be able to answer icq messages (same icq account) via spark

If I try a gateway registration with (user) workgroup “icq” the last login is nether and “ICQ” transport does not work.

in my icq2go contactlist the ICQ Account of the openfire server is offline.

Pleas help, any Ideas?

I’m running
Openfire 3.6.4, Spark 2.6.0 RC1, Fastpath Service 4.1.0, Fastpath Webcaht 4.0.0, Kraken IM Gateway 1.1.3beta2

any ideas? please help!

This is not possible. To be able to use icq gateway you have to register with it with xmpp user, you can’t do it with a fatspath workgroup. I understand what you are trying to achieve, but you can’t do that with im gateway and fatpath.

too bad

Thanks for your answer!