Openfire.xml blank ldap

Hi All,

I just upgraded to Openfire 3.6.0 from version 3.5.x. Everything seemed to go well with the installer. It upgraded the database like it should have.

Once I started the service again, nobody can login. We have it integrated with active directory.

In the new openfire.xml config file, there’s nothing in there for ldap. I copied the ldap sections from my old openfire.xml file and put them in the new one, and restarted the service. Every time I start the openfire service, it removes the ldap sections from openfire.xml.

Can anyone tell me why this happens and how to prevent it? I must be missing something.


You cannot prevent it. Those settings are now stored in the database. If you re-add them they will be copied to the database and removed. You could do a reconfig by changing the setup tag to false. Then go to the website and re-enter the config. Your data will be preserved as long ans you do not change any of the values.