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Openfire.xml problem with spaces


i have set the following parameter in my openfire.xml:


and between the 02 and GRUPPEN i need 2 Spaces, but now after every restart of the openfire server i deletes one of the spaces.



Okay the solution is here:

Just set \20 as space

I still feel I must point out that you are using improper naming structure for your OU. There should never be spaces in the names of an OU, Just as there should not be spaces in an URL. Just because the server will allow you to do it does not mean it is proper. The correct fix would be to fix the names of your OU.


thats good to know, but the DomainController ist not my responsibility, i will tell our the Domainadmin

Hehe… we have the same thing here. I would say that a good rule of thumb for the DA is treat LDAP/AD like DOS (no space or special characters for anything: OU, groups, usernames). It is just makes compliancy with other systems easier.

Yes i think that would be the best