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Openfire(XMPP) and Database for turn based game

We’re currently designing a turn based game for android (card game) and we are toying with openfire + smack to manage online play.

The game itself is nearly finished but we have some difficulties to figure out how is it possible to use Openfire as we want to (and if it is possible).

We want to use a database to save points or currency for each player and we want the openfire server to do that, is it possible ?

For example, when someone wins a game against an opponent the server will acces the db to add points to this player. Or sometimes, players can just buy cards with interaction between client and server (+db) but not between 2 clients.

My question is simple : Where do I start ? Can I do that with an openfire (and internal/external db) server with plugins or something like that or should I redefine XMPP protocol itself ?

Thanks !!

You could write a custom plugin for the game specific parts and then simply add you own extensions that your plugin understands.

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