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i had installed openfire on windows server 2003,

can anyone help me to display all of the users on spark without adding them one by one??

First of all, not a very informative title for a forum post. Provide more information on what you ahve done and what you want to achieve. Do you mean you ahve your users pulled from AD or do you create them manually? Either way you can check Users / Groups > Groups in the Admin Console and go to any groups settings and enable Contact list group sharing (specifying the name and to what groups to share).

this is the first time i join this community, and the first time i use openfire feat. spark…so, i have many things that i don’t understand about these applications…

@wroot : what is the different between openfire using database and don’t using database for spark???

i’m from indonesia, i need to improve my english better

You have to use database in any case, either embedded or external one (SQL, MySQL, etc.). Openfire is storing its configuration in the database. This also applies if you are using LDAP integration. Though your users are in the AD, but Openfire will users information and groups in the database.

@wroot : for example i created some users and some groups

the name of users:

1.A 6.F 11.K

2.B 7.G 12.L

3.C 8.H 13.M

4.D 9.I 14.N

5.E 10.J 15.O

the name of groups:

Warehouse: Accounting: IT:


my login as K, how can i display all of the users on my SPARK contact without adding them one by one…

the method that i use right now is from SPARK menu CONTACTS-ADD CONTACTS-and fill USER NAME.

i can’t imagine if i have 40 users,add them one by one.

do yoou have the tutorial installing openfire with SQL server or MySQL…and how to install both of them on windows.

thank you wroot

I don’t have a tutorial, but it is pretty straightforward to use sql with openfire. I get that you are currently using the emnbedded database, which is also a sql database in general. It is not recommended to use this database for production, butr i’m using it myself, as i don’t have many users and i don’t want to install sql.

I’ve already said how you can share contacts in groups for all your users in my first message. Go to group warehouse in admin console, click on it, check Contact group list sharing, put the name for a group (this is how this group will appear in spark), check to share this group with all users.

thank you wroot…i will try it…

one more question,if i set up eksternal database such as MySQL,SQL…i create the database by myself or there already database?and i just upload the database?

You create database and set a user and a password yourself (say in phpmyadmin). Then you point to this database while installing Openfire and provide user and admin. Then Openfire will create appropriate tables.

Here. Check this screencast. It is about Asterisk integration, but there is a part about MySQL connection. http://benperove.com/screencast/openfire/openfire.htm

wroot :

i got error when i wanted to upload image on community the size 31,2 kb


You don’t have permission to do the requested action. You might need to log in to the system before you can continue.

It appears you’re not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.

You can attach image as an attachment. Press on “undefined” grey link in the top right corner. It will open Advanced editor and there will be Browse button at the bottom.

thank wroot…

i also had created some groups on openfire…and it worked well,i got no errors…amazing

thank you once again

can i chat with some friends in this community??

how can i add them??

on the right of corner there are some menus like chat with friends( 0 ), are they the menu for chatting??

I have disabled this chatbar in profile preferences as there is no use. Our forums are not connected to our Openfire server. So the only way to chat with someone is to register an account at igniterealtime.org server and connect with it in Spark. You can then browse rooms and join open_chat room. Usuaully there is someone in that room, but not so many users. Or you can search for someone and add them to your contacts. I myself do not use it too often, just when i need to discuss something with other community members.

how can i register an account at igniterealtime.org server ??

Go to Spark’s login screen and press Accounts. Use igniterealtime.org for server (if that doesn’t work, try xmpp.igniterealtime.org)

both of the server can’t be login

user name and password are the same with igniterealtime…is it right??

Not the same. You have to create new account.

I have checked and it seems there is a login problem now with that server. And this is usual, somehow Openfire at igniterealtime.org is very unstable (maybe resources issue). I will ping a guy who can restart it.

Now it should work.

when i created new account,it took long time…is it normal???both of the server are the same

As i said this server is probably low on resources, so it could be slow to login at times (have just tried and was logged in a second).