I just installed Openfire on Server 2008 R2 and ran the setup. I configure and created my a login. I Launch the Administration Console and I get a login that opens in my IE browser. I tried to use my login and password that I created, but it keeps failing on me. Any ideas why I can’t login into the Admin Console?


Login name is ‘admin’.

No,that doesn’t work.

Finely figured it out, Admin is the username and password is what you setup to be.

Isn’t that exactly what wroot said?

Never mind, i have more than enough karma points Maybe having ’ around admin mislead him.

The install is a little confusing. When you create the admin login it ask for your email address and create password. I thought the username was your email address and that was not the case. Wroot if you what the point I can change the correct answer. I’m new to this forum and did not know there was a point system. Guus der kinderen, Thanks for treating the newbie so well.


I don’t care about points, was just joking with Guus He pointed out that i already gave you the same answer, before you figured it out. Unless you tried it with the apostrophes, which are usually only used to emphasize a word. Yes, it asks about the email address and on the same page above that it says that username is “admin”. And on the login page it says “Username”, not “Email address”. But nobody ever reads that

Guus, i get that admin’s email address might be used for some informational messages to admin (if smtp is configured), but maybe we don’t have to ask for it during a setup? Will be less confusion. Unless it is required for something else (like contacting server’s owner). And lets put bold on that “admin” in the explanation Or maybe put it as a read-only field near the password fields.

I think there’s an existing JIRA issue for this.

You are right [OF-395] Make sure that users use the the correct value for the username of the admin user intuatively. - Jive Software…