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Openfire4.1.6 upgrade issue

I am trying to upgrade our 64 bit, 4.0.3 Openfire server to 4.1.6. when I complete the upgrade, but ugraded openfire version not reflected

normally you can not upgrade from a x86 to x64. when changing archs, you usually do a fresh install…however, you can do the following.
stop all openfire services and create a fresh backup
uninstall 4.1.6 x64 and reinstall. while reinstalling, change the install folder/path to match the path of the current x86 install folder.

He already mentioned this in chat. He has upgraded, but admin console shows old version number. Usually happens with an incomplete install. Make sure Openfire is not running (stop its service if using it) and upgrade again.

One can pass the --ignorearch flag to RPM to get it to upgrade between arch.