Openfire's Admin Console slow after java upgrade to 1.7.0

Wanted to know from the community if anyone else experience slow downs in Admin Console after upgrading java to 1.7.0? I’m using it on Arch linux distro, 32 bit. It was working very snappy until this upgrade on Friday. Will check logs, but do not hope to find any clues in there. Will try to downgrade to 1.6.0 later. But if more of you are experiencing this, then it should be filed in the bug tracker.

I have also noticed, that SSH terminal is now responding slow. So, maybe this is not related to java. Cpu and Memory usage are normal (at least what top and htop shows). What i have also upgraded it’s the kernel. Maybe that’s the cause. But then it is even harder task to investigate for me…

So, it was a problem with Legacy Network adapter being used in Hyper-V virtual machine. It wasn’t a problem with older kernel versions. I was told that kernel starting from 2.6.32 version already has MS integrated hyper-v drivers. So i have changed Legacy to normal Network Adapter and slowness is gone.