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Openfire's architecture

Here is an SVG diagram and its non-transparent PNG version, showing the “core”, “internal” and external “pieces” of Openfire.

By “core”, I mean all the most usefull features.

What is right or wrong? What did I forget? Is it contributable to the documentation?

Well, sure it’s contributable As about what is correct or wrong, it’s hard to said. “Useful” is a subjective term. MUC could be more useful for someone than Logging, etc. I’m not sure myself what should be in Core and what in External/Internal parts.

Here is a better organized version of this architecture schema.

I’m still open to modifying this SVG, but anyone can also do it by itself.

I release this work under CC by-sa, FDL, LGPL, and GPL. Use the license you need/want.

Hi, I would like a more details, although it’s very good. Thanks.