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Opening Issues

Hi Guys,

I notice that my login to the openfire jira can’t report new issues (I do recall that It used to be able to). I have 2 issues I’d like to report and submit patches for:

  1. Exception handling of S2S connection is over verbose in its error loging (there is no need for the stack trace on a host not found exception)

  2. PluginManger.unloadPlugin calls System.gc() twice, once inside a loop. System.gc should not be called - iot forces a full gc that suspends all threads while it runs - gc should be left to the jvm.


Hi David,

What is your Jira account?


Hi Daryl,

Its axxter99 - thanks



you should be able to now


Thanks Daryl

Thants done the trick. Here come the patches :slight_smile: