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Opening received files under KDE


I’m trying spark since a few days and it looks great so far.

My issue is that I cannot open a received file just by double cliking on it. I guess Spark doesn’t know which application to launch ?

I search in the prefs but cannot find any way to tell spark wich app to use for a kind of file.

Any idea how to do that ?


Where exactly do you double click on files? When you receivea file in Spark it should show you Open and Open Folder links-buttons. Do you mean it can’t open file when you press Open? Can you still press Open Folder and then open the file?

Hi wroot,

Nothing happens via Spark when I click on any link (open file or open folder buttons).

The file is transfered since I can access it when browsing manually to the download folder.

I guess there is a way to associate file types with applications but I didn’t find it…

I don’t think it works this way. I think Spark is only redirecting query to the operating system/desktop environment and then OS itself decides how to open it. So probably Spark is not informing KDE/Linux the right way.