Option to prevent spark from stealing focus?

I’m not sure I have experienced this myself, but I am out of the country and just thought I’d throw this out there. Is there a way to prevent the Spark program from stealing focus from the active window? I have Spark installed on a warehouse computer where they do barcode scanning into a computer. But the warehouse guy there tells me that when he gets a new message, Spark steals focus and then the scanning doesn’t work because the wrong window is active. I’m thinking maybe people might be buzzing him, and I think that does steal focus. Is there any way that normal messaging could be stealing focus?

There is a bug in Java itself and it can’y be fixed in Spark yet. SPARK-1167

hallo daniel,

as wroot mentioned it seems to be a bug in Java. please be patient. we are working on a workaround for this problem because it is not acceptable but there wont be a fix in spark 2.6.0 rc2.


I see that this bug was supposed to be fixed… I’m currently using the version 2.6.3 of Spark in the Windows 7 Ultimate N and it still stealing focus when someone talk to me… Is there anyone else here with the same problem? My coworker is also having the same issue with Windows 7… Anyone else having the same problem?

The bug is fixed, but it needs Java 7 to work. And 2.6.3 is still bundled with java 6, so the fix isn’t working. Java 7 should be bundled with Spark, but this is not a trivial task. Hope this could be done for 2.6.4. No time frame as we currently have almost no Spark developers. SPARK-1416