Oracle error upgrading to 3.0

CREATE TABLE jiveSASLAuthorized (

ERROR at line 1:

ORA-01450: maximum key length (3166) exceeded

Anyone know how to fix this?


a good one. One must wonder why such a long PK is used. Once again the database design makes me shiver.


Hey Jason,

The size of the principal column can be reduced if needed. Iā€™'m wondering why are you getting that error. I think I tried the db scripts in all supported databases except for db2 and sybase. DB2 scripts were tested by a community member. If you are not going to use KERBEROS then you are not going to use that table so any size will be fine. However, if you do use Kerberos then the principal column must be the max size of your principal length.


ā€“ Gato

woops, my bad, forgot to do the search

bit of a crosspost here, anyway i have no idea how SASL works but including the principal in a pk or unique index is a no go without resorting to heavy measures like increasing the storage blocks of the database on oracle (its not possible to increase the key length in mssql200X, its hardcoded to 900 byte).