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Os 10.5 Leopard / spark

I have a user using Mac Os 10.5, He has been seeing some weird issues that I or others have not. I beleive the only varible is OS 10.5 when the rest of us are on 10.4


  1. Spark will not update user status as ppl log on after the inital first log on. He has to relog to get an updated list of who is actually online. Sometime this can require 2 restarts of spark. He can however still interact with these users when they are listed as offline.

  2. Stablity , Hangs up occasionally. Spark crashed when using the take screen shot function , both screens of the Mac went black and remained black , had to function key toggle the screens to get video back and thats when spark froze up.

Anyone else experiencing any issues with spark on 10.5 , we are running the spark client 2.5.6 but i did not see any patch changes in the readmes suggesting any of these issues where resloved.

Thanks for any info