OSX Bug - "Close" sends to Dock, but it won''t come up again


In the current 2.5.0b4, if you click on the “red dot” to close spark down to the dock, spark will minimize (not exit), but I haven’‘t found a way to make it visible again. clicking on it or apple + tab don’'t work

Same Problem in 2.5 final

I’'ve had no problems running the 2.5.0 release on the Mac. Running 10.4.9

Make sure that you are running the latest JVM (check through Software Update)

If that doesn’'t do anything, delete the Spark.app and the Spark folder from your home folder, and re-install Spark from scratch. Make sure that you delete the Spark folder from your home folder, since this is where it keep its cache and config files.

Same behaviour with 2.5.1b

mjalbers: what does it do for you when you click the “red dot”?

Are you able to get the “full view” back by clicking on the spark icon in the starter?

and again with 2.5.2

anyone can confirm this? or is it only my problem?

problem still there :confused:

can someone comment on this (“Works for me” would be good to )

Works fine here, although I did still have a chat window open when I tried. Clicking on the dock icon brought up a new contact list window after I closed it.

ok, in Leopard (fresh install) and v 2.5.7 it STILL doesn’t work for me

Can’t get the contactlist up again once it is “closed” (red button)

Messages still pop up, but the Contact list remains hidden.

Finally works for me in 2.6.0 beta 1!