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OT - Forum question

Any chance this forum code is going to become a project as well. I’‘ve only been here less than a few hours and i’'m rightly impressed with it.

It already is, url=http://jivesoftware.com/products/forums/Jive Forums[/url]. I’‘ve been administrating a Jive Forums installation for a couple of years now and it’‘s really high quality software; it’'s actually what led me to becoming involved with Messenger.

again, fast response. thanks for the url to the forum


Why not award ryang with a “correct” answer to thank him for the fast reply?



dang, cookie protection. helps if i have cookies allowed for jivesoftware.org so that when i come back to the forums, i can see the little “helpful” clicker next to their names.

Thanks for the points toetag.

(funny handle by the way)