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OT:What video conferencing do you use?


I’'ve been asked to set up some form of video conferencing to allow a few of our remote sales people to video conference into weekly sales meetings.

I was just wondering what sort of things people have tried to do this. I’'m not opposed to spending a small amount of money but dont have thousands to spend.

I looked at NEOS:MT which works well but the video is only 1:1, not 1:many or many:many which I would like.

I thought about running something simple like WebCamXP and each end and just putting a web page together that gathers the various webcam server applets. All the cameras will be with our VPN but 1 or 2 will be on ADSL links.

Any other ideas? or links to good software to do this?



I came across this http://www.ispq.com/ earlier today, allows many:many

Spoke to soon, it only offers 3 video chats at at time.

If you dont mind Mac’'s, we use iChat AV with our jive server. Of course that will cost you the thousands of dollars but the quality is amazing using iChat.

There is also TipicIM i saw on the jabber.org news page, but i havent goten there software to work yet with my jabber server.