OU''s with Spaces?

I have read that username logins are not to contain any spaces. Does the same thing go for OU’'s as well?

Is anyone getting away with using spaces in anything? I can’‘t seem to get it to work in OU’‘s, DC’'s, or names. Nothing

I finally figured out that for a client to login when they have spaces in their names, you have to substitute a \20 in place of the space


As for groups, LDAP/AD groups don’‘t work 100% yet. We’'re manually creating groups and maintaining them within the WildFire embedded database until the issues are resolved.

We have a BIG problem with users names that have an apostrophe in them. In manually creating groups, we copied in batches of names and had them corrupt our database. It’‘s happened twice already and its broke right now. I’'m waiting for v2.6.0 to come out before I do another fresh install. I believe they were trying to fix the LDAP-AD groups issues in that version.

Can someone enter in a bug report that usernames from AD with spaces and apostrophes dont’’ work???