'Out of memory' exception from openfire on windows 2008 r2 (x64)

I recently installed openfire (3.7.0) on a fresh install of server 2008 r2 (x64). I installed the service (using openfire-service) and set it to run as a local administrator. Once or twice a day openfire crashes showing an out of memory exception. I did some searching and found the information about allocating more memory for java using the vmoptions file.

i created 2 files (openfired.vmoptions and openfire-service.vmoptions) each containing only this text:



however, when i log into the openfire admin it still shows as only having 247.50mb of memory allocated. The machine has 4gb of ram and i can easily add as much as we need to, but i can’t get openfire to take more than the 247.50mb of memory.

any help would be much appreciated.