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Overflow fastpath to another server?

I was made to understand it was possible for Fastpath to overflow to a workgroup/queue on another server running a separately licensed instance of Openfire/FastPath. In Openfire 3.4.5, I don’t see a setting for this.

Queue ‘Overflow’ settings only seem to apply to queues within the same workgroup on the same server. I also tried adding non-local users to workgroups.

What I expect is for the customer’s chat bounce to another Openfire server if a) no agents are available or b) agents are available but don’t pick up.

I’m sure I could fake some of this functionality by loading a different chat button if agents on one server were unavailable, but I’d rather it all happen under the hood.

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or am I trying to sail an imaginary boat?

Hey Caleb,

As far as I know there is currently no way to redirect fastpath requests to another server. Queue overflow can only be directed to a queue on the same server.


Thanks! I wonder what feature sales staff thought we were describing that they said was available? Maybe it is just the overflow from workgroup to workgroup, but I am secretely hoping that there is some surprise feature that we don’t know about yet.