Packet filter plugin corrupted

Hello Guys,

I installed packet filter plugin but somehow it didn’t work properly. I wanted to delete it from Plugins and reinstall it but it doesn’t appear in my Plugins again.

I receive this 'Plugin uploaded successfully. It may take a short time for the plugin to appear in the list of installed plugins. ’ message in green but minutes later nothing happens.

The plugin stil missing a swell as my rules.

My Openfire version is 4.0.2

My .jar of packet plugin is the latest 3.3.0.

Is the packet filter plugin corrupted ? How can we restore the rules if it is ?

Thank you guys,


Try stopping the server and deleting plugin manually from /openfire/plugins (both jar and the folder).

Thx wroot. I did even the xmpp troubleshooting but this. It’s always the little things …