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Packet Filter rules edit - Maximum group listed?

Hello, we run an openfire installation in a domain with multiple companies, and use the packet filter to prohibit some groups from sending emails to anyone other than their groups. To that end, we have a simple ruleset that uses the same group in the From group and the To Group.

We have a LOT of groups though, and through copying and pasting the source options in a text editor, I’ve seemingly fell on a, perhaps wanted, limitation of 1000 groups listed. As this is a citrix farm, a lot of groups are needed to publish applications for each company, so we busted that limit, but only found this out lately due to the alphabetical fact that previous clients fell in the first 1000 groups.

I assume we probably could modify the .jsp page that generates the group lists, but I don’t seem to find it by making a search (probably in the .jar file?) and wanted to know the best way we could go about doing this before I get a chance to mess things up :wink:



This is a limit of most ldap systems. A query will only return 1000 results. The solution would be to implement paging so that you can get all the results. I think the UI needs some work for this because the scrolling would get a little old. I’ll add it as a feature request. Might be about time for another release

Hi Nate,

We have a need for an Active Directory schema with more than 1000 groups in it. How’s that release coming along? :wink:

In all seriousness, I was wondering if you had considered updating the plugin to take care of that, or update it for the 3.7 beta version that came out lately.

Thanks for your time,