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Packet sent to unreachable address

We’re seeing this error a lot and we have Openfire 3.3.3 running. “Packet sent to unreachable address”

The errors are all logged in info.log

One interesting thing I’ve noticed as this actually happens to my account as well…

When it’s having this issue, I get no online presence from my Gmail

buddies even though I see them online through Google Talk. I am able to send IMs to folks, but I’m unable to receive them.

I’ve only

noticed the problem when using Pandion as well.

Today, I was frustrated so I closed Pandion and started using

Pidgin. The problem didn’t occur w/ Pidgin. But then I went back into

Pandion after, say, 15 mins…and I could once again see my Google

contacts and communication was working once again as well.

Anyone else experienced this and found a solution to the problem?

This is actually a duplicate post I also made to the following thread. I just wanted to note it in this forum as well. I haven’t yet tried reverting back to version 3.1.1


No clue if this is related, but we ran into some problems while federating with GTalk when capitalized user names come into play. Sometimes, people where referred to as ‘guus@domain’, but in other situations they were identified as ‘Guus@domain’.

No, but i did try disabling the GTalk experimental part of the gateway plugin. Unfortunately, it didn’t resolve anything.

We’re still seeing Pandion, and so far only Pandion, able to send IMs but unable to receive IMs. Doesn’t happen all the time and we’re not sure what is triggering this behavior to occur.

Just wanted to add today that I upgraded our instance of Openfire to version 3.4.1 and the problem still persists. I’m personally switching to Pidgin in the meantime as my client of choice.