Paid assignment - "Idle clients" settings & message delivery/speed

Dear team from support/community. Please let me know whats the best place to put up this requirement.

I am willing to put up a project to setup Openfire where it satisfies following requirements:

  1. Mobile apps from Android / iOS are able to connect to it over 2G/3G networks and send/receive messages with acceptable performance.
  2. Our current deployed server has a few hundred users but it does not work well when connecting using mobile data networks.
  3. The “Disconnect Idle Clients” setting
  4. If this is switched to OFF, then it leads to a problem of creating ghost sessions, thereby leading to dropping of offline messages. This leads to data loss which is unacceptable and hence the setting has to be turned to ON.
  5. When its ON, the message delivery over 2G/3G networks is very poor/slow - the clients keep getting disconnected often enough and there is also message loss.

Can someone please take a up a paid assignment to work with us, review our server/s and rectify the problems if any?