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PAM Auth / Shaj


Up until Monday I had been using jabber.org’‘s jabberd2, however for some unexplainable reason it just stopped working. As a result, I’'ve decided to switch to Jive Messenger, however the lack of PAM support, or even LDAP/SASL support is the only thing keeping me from using it.

According to JM-201, I should be able to use Shaj to provide PAM auth, however I have no idea how to get this working. The documentation for Shaj and JM is quite lacking in this regard, so I’'d appreciate any insight and help to get this working.



First, don’'t forget to vote for JM-201 – we definitely use the vote totals to prioritize issues. If you know some Java, it should be fairly easy to get Shaj working. You would need to write an AuthProvider and UserProvider implementation that talks to Shaj (see the Jive Messenger Javadocs). You also mentioned LDAP as an option and we do have LDAP support out of the box right now.



Shaj could be used, but someone needs to actually write the java classes to incorporate it into Jive Messenger. It’'s not simply a matter of configuring JM to work with Shaj – some development work needs to be done first.


Unfortunately I’'m not a java guy.

I’‘m trying to auth against XAD, which is drop in replacement for AD using OSS. It mimicks a 2000 AD server, and vanilla LDAP auth won’'t work as it needs to support SASL. Can Jive Messenger do this?

I’'ve also noticed there is a radius plugin, which I may try since I can get radius to use PAM. This is kinda ugly, but it may be an option until PAM auth gets built in.

How do I vote for JM-201? I’‘m not seeing any options for voting on it’'s page.


You’'ll have to be signed in to vote for it. The option will appear on the left side, under “Operations.”

The RADIUS plugin actually works, so I’'m just going to use that for now.

I’'ll keep my eyes peeled for an official PAM implementation.