Hello Frds

Plz help me to confgiure pam+wildfire.

I have tried wildfire configured wildfire with cutomized database but not done

so now if any one has done pam+wildfire plz help me with details configruration.



The NativeAuthProvider is what you’'ll want to use. Check out the Javadocs:




but how can i use

FYI : I dont know about java code…

so how can i use it and if i need to post some more

information plz let me know…

I have tried to use that native authprovider but

didnt seem to work…


you just need to modify the wildfire.xml file and copy the shaj lib into the lib directory.

Try to use the search function for more threads about this topic.

You may want to post your wildfire.xml file and the error and debug messages you see in the log files.


hello Thanks

Its done with pam but i got some

mal function like two persons are loged i can see him online

but he can not see me as a online.

plz let me know that with pam any other things need to be set

in wildfire…

Thanks again