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Pandion Problems

Hello all,

Sorry this might be a bit OT but I am not sure where to ask, I am using Pandion for my clients but after I upgraded Wildfire to the latest release all the Pandion clients could not connect anymore, has anyone experienced this and if so could you share your knowlegede with me?


Per Qvindesland

i am not experiencing this problem with our deployment. enable debug and see what the logs are saying

having the same problems here as well, pandion will not connect, other clients (Gaim, Spark, Exodus) connect just fine??

Hey Guys,

Iā€™ā€˜m using Pandion 2.5 and Iā€™'m able to log in without any trouble. If you are not using latest Pandion version I would recommend upgrading then. You can also debug the exchanged XML packets between Pandion and Wildfire by pressing F12 before logging in. Feel free to paste any relevant information you might find.


ā€“ Gato