Pandion users getting kicked

I just upgraded from Wildfire 3.2 to Openfire 3.4.5. Everything went pretty smooth, but I have noticed some problems since then. We use Pandion as our client, and the users seem to be getting randomly kicked. This will happen at any time, even during a conversation. I have someone testing Spark to see if that helps our problem, but does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Unfortunately, without seeing what XMPP traffic is going between Pandion and Openfire, I’m not sure what could be occurring. It’s certainly possible that something Openfire added support for is confusing Pandion. Pandion hasn’t been updated in years as far as I recall, so it may be falling behind the times, which is sad, because it’s a pretty cool client. But anyway, I don’t have anything specific to suggest at the moment. You might want to check the Openfire error or warning logs and see if you see anything there.


Try putting your openfire server into Debug mode (Go to the Logs section and then to Debug and then enable). If your users are getting kicked, the debug log will explain why. I just had big problems with Pidgin users getting randomly kicked, I went into the system properties and set ‘xmpp.client.idle = -1’ and they aren’t getting kicked out anymore. The debug logs gave me an indication that this was happening.


Thanks for the ideas guys. I ended up reinstalling Openfire as this was an upgrade from Wildfire. I noticed in the error logs that I was also having plugin issues, so I redid the system. All appears to be working now.