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Password always saved in linux client

In the Linux client the password is being saved (in ~/Spark/spark.properties) regardless of what settings are set on the client. This can be verified by changing the passwordSaved=false to passwordSaved=true (and for extra fun setting the autoLoginEnabled to true.) This is a little bit shocking to see, as it hints that this may also be the case on the other versions of the spark client.

This is confirmed in the 2.0.8 release, as well as 2.0.7. Other versions may be effected.

I too have confirmed this. I’‘m running Spark 2.08 and was trying to figure out how to auto-create the spark.properties file and noticed that the password is saved no matter what setting you have. I’‘m not sure it would do anyone any good though as it’'s encode some way…

Still looking for a way to create this file… I’'ve looked at other jabber id create scripts and they use SoP passwords with this is not.