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Password encryption problem

Hey guys,

at first I’d like to thank you all for this great jabber software!

I like it

I just describe my problem:

I installed openfire and everything went fine.

As database I used Mysql which was installed and also that worked fine.

Then I saw an article about password encryption. I guess it was this one: http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/db-integ ration-guide.html

And so I copied this code i want encryption mode as “MD5”


SELECT password FROM user_account WHERE username=?


and pasted it in my openfire.xml.

Than I restarted openfire and wanted to login in the web panel. But the only thing I saw was the setup page.

So reinstalled openfire again with the web panel and than I wanted to login again but the setup page was again there.

I changed nothing in the database, I only pasted this code into the openfire.xml.

Can you tell me what I have done wrong?


In what place exactly have you pasted it?

HI wroot:


in the jive lable

Can you attach your openfire.xml (press Use advanced editor in the upper right corner and wait for it to load, then use Attach link in the bottom right corner)? Just remove all the sensitive parts like IPs, usernames, passwords.

I think it should go into some specific section of openfire.xml, but i don’t know for sure.

FYI attachment

I have removed the attachment as it contained hashes of your db username/password. I didn’t find anything wrong with such injection of the provider (per documentation). So i don’t know what to suggest. Maybe you should try putting it near the end, after the tag.