Password Reset Plugin

This plugin provides the possibility to reset the password if it has been lost. To use this plugin the smtp service within openfire must be configured.

Tested with DB2, MySQL and HSQLDB.

How it works:

  1. The user has to enter the username and email adress.

  2. Then a email with an activation link will be send to the user.

  3. By opening the activation link the user will receive a new password per email.

Excellent plugin! Thanks for that. It is working like a charm.

Two things for the future: 1. It would be nice if you (admin) can change the text within the e-mails.

  1. Another output - not :9090 or :9091

Keep it up.

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Is there a way that a non admin user can use this reset password feature?

I would like to use this to avoid the password reset requests coming to me and then I can simply direct them to the page where they can request the password reset.

Hello, i´m using this plugin and its very helpfull to my business. After install, i made some translations to my language in forms and homepages but theres no way to translate the email comunication, i dont have development expertise but it seems this comunication its in the .jar files.

I´m seeing that Dennis, the owner of this plugin has not been online seems 2007… it would be realy nice if someone know how to translate this details.

I´ll see how to update my translation i have done, i did it for Portuguese for Brasil.

Hi again, first thanks to @wroot who help me contacting Dennis the owner of this plugin. I don´t have skills to build a plugin like this, but i have a little knowlege in development seems im graduated in computer science, but work in the infraestructure area.

I´ve made tests translating the plugin to Portuguese Brasil, provinding a conversation in Portuguese to Brasilian users who use this plugin to have a new password generated.

I´ll be updating the file and posting here to share with the community.

The translated plugin can be downloaded here

I’m having trouble when trying to build the one in zip file with openfire build. It says that “jasper2 doesn’t support the ‘webXml’ attribute” is this something to do with the plugin? or do I miss some required library? I’m using openfire 3.7.1 and my OS is windows 7. Thank you.

I have uploaded this plugin. Now how can I use it in my application?

My very simple question is how to move further with password resetting plugin. I am making an android app and using a openfire server.

Here my question is when the user clicks on the Password Reset button on my application then I will show two fields e.g Username and Email after putting in the values the user will press the submit button, now how will the plugin work on SUBMIT button.
I dont know how to use the plugins. Please help me


Is there a way to modify the emails that get sent to the user resetting their password? I would like to include the openfire server information in addition to the username and password that is already provided. Thanks.

Hi concerned,

I have understood the whole process of password reset, But I am unable to know yet that to whom we have to send the forgot password request ???

I mean when the user who has lost his password - to whom will the submit (username & email) request will be transferred ???

Please reply

Hi curtwilson,

Can you please tell me to whom this forgot password request is sent ??


Please read my question?

The password request email is sent to the user that was specified in the form asking for username and email address. The user clicks the link within the 1st email, then a 2nd email is send to the user with the new password.