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Passwords being wiped by user service plugin


I wrote myself a script to extract the name and email fields from jabber vcards and apply them to wildfire user records using the user service plugin.

This is the request I use to update a name and email address on a user record:

https://localhost:9091/plugins/userService/userservice?type=update&secret=editte dout&jid=joebloggs@example.com&name=Joseph+BloggserService/userservice?type=update&secret=edittedout&jid=joebloggs@example.com&name=Joseph+Bloggs

The above request will set the password field for this user in wildfire’'s database to NULL

(The database seems to be stored on disk as a text file containing SQL statements).

I think this is a bug in the plugin, right? Is this the correct place to report it?