[patch] add lock/unlock functionality to userservice plugin


Attached is a patch against the userservice plugin in trunk that adds 2 command types to the plugin.

  1. ‘disable’ - to enable an infinite lock on the account
  2. ‘enable’ - to remove the lock on the account

Current limitations of the patch:

  1. the plugin does not log out accounts that got disabled. Perhaps some code in the admin console could be refactored to make this simplier from plugin land??
  2. No timing options to the disable argument.
  3. I bump the Openfire version requirement to 3.5.0 due to lockout use.
  4. Coded by me, poor java hack at the moment.

The use case for me was to have the ability to create a new account and then immediately lock it out (the user has to clear some training hoops first and admin approval, but good to have the account setup for later unlocking…)

Thanks for your consideration to trunk… I can file a Jira ticket if this is acceptable by the community.




added link to Jira ticket
user-service-lockout.txt (5705 Bytes)