Patch: Configurable DNSSEC Support

I’ve included a patch for dnssec support using the new DNSSEC4J library at:

The patch adds a dnsSecEnabled field to SmackConfiguration with the default being false. If it is enabled, the patch modifies ProxyInfo to wrap SocketFactories in a VerifiedSocketFactory class that resolves and verifies the signatures of host names before passing them on to the underlying SocketFactory implementation.

Thank you for your consideration, and feel free to contact me at any time with questions or changes. DNSSEC4J was built with the generous support of the NLnet foundation at

-Adam Fisk


Brave New Software Project, Inc.
dnssec_patch.tgz (10953 Bytes)

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That’s great, I have applied the patch (Note that this is not an offical smack repo) and will test the patch in the next few weeks. I was looking also into DNSSEC for aSmack and you just came here with this little, nice and clean patch. Hopefully it will find his way into smack.


Hey belated thanks for such a quick response on integrating the patch! Great to know about aSmack too – the port to GitHub alone is extremely useful, but it also will come in handy on the Android side for our own work for sure.

Thanks again.


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This has been filled as SMACK-366.