Patch for "Last Logout" on search plugin


I’ve done too much complaining on this web forum, time to start writing patches

So, my first attempt, trivial to get my feet wet, is to add the “Last Logout” column to the results returned by the search plugin. This patch

  1. Adds the column to output html table

  2. Increments the version

  3. Adds changelog note (need I do that?)

  4. Adds il8n string and updates pt_BR as well

While testing, I notice that “Last Logout” appears to be broken in trunk regardless, as the “Last Logout” isn’t working on user-summary either, will look into that.

My appologies if I did something wrong. I look forward to writing more


Oi Daryl,

Thanks a lot for your contribution. I have one feedback and a proposal.


I think that exposing the last time a user was logged in to any other user may be found as a potential security problem. For internal usages I think that people will love it but may be not for all cases. What do you think about this? May be we can make it configurable from the admin console if that column should appear in the result table?


Many times I heard the request for being able to search by Group and also to show the list of groups a user belongs. Since you are already helping us out with the search plugin…would you like to include this functionality too?


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Thanks for the feedback, my patch only alters the “Advanced User Search” jsp page on the admin console, so there shouldn’t be any security issues. I just wanted the listing to match what I see on the “User Summary” page on the console. Sorry for not being more precise in my original message.

Regarding your proposal, the html result table appears to be out of room for more information. Where would you suggest adding it? Or am I missing something?


Oh, I misread your fix then. I thought that you were modifying the output that clients would get from a user search but I now see that you were referring to the admin console. In that case we are not risking any information leaking and your patch is just fine (i.e. we can include it to the official release).

My suggestion was regarding the user search that users can do from their XMPP clients. Would you like to help us implement that feature?

BTW, have you signed and faxed the Contributor Agreement?


– Gato

Hi Gato,

Regarding search from the clients for groups, I can certainly try.

The signed agreement is in the snail mail



Hi Gato,

Did jive get my contributor agreement?

I filed this patch in Jira to keep it from getting ‘lost’,