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Patch: I hope developer add search conversation history function

hi, any developer.

I use spark for a period of time, and I used psi and pandion before. psi and pandion have a search conversation history function, but the spark haven’t.

I added a search conversation history function in spark, hope you can add it in spark 2.6.0 .

Thanks all.
spark_i18n.properties.patch.zip (449 Bytes)
ChatTranscript.java.patch.zip (600 Bytes)
ChatTranscriptPlugin.java.patch.zip (1802 Bytes)

Thanks for your patches. I have attached them to SPARK-896. cstux probably will add them to SVN soon. But i must say, that currently history management is not efficient (especially dealing with huge logs) and there are a few tickets filed for complete recoding of this feature. Hopefully your changes will be migrated to the new code if such work will be done in future.

Hi, wroot

Could you tell me any new methods about history management or related links ticket?

I will promptyly follow the related code changes about history management, and will update the search history message function accordingly.


There are no new methods so far, just an idea of overhauling whole transcript managing. Probably this ticket SPARK-999, but i don’t know when and who will take such a huge task.


thanks for the patch, I have added it to the trunk.