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[patch] improved linux startup.sh

I noticed the “startup.sh” seemed to be broken, or perhaps incomplete, where I gather it was intending to allow the user to invoke Spark in ‘normal’ mode or in ‘debug’ mode, similar to how startup.bat does this with the presence of the optional “-debug” command line parameter.

This patch against SVN head (currently r11699) creates a new startup.sh file which I believe is more functional.

  • allows for “-debug” command line parameter to invoke normal or debug mode

  • automatically computes the application directory, which allows the script to be invoked from its full path, such as outside of the target/build/bin folder, which is convenient to do this when Im always running ant from the ${basedir}/build directory.

-attempts to detect if the architecture is 64 bit, and then sets the -Djava.library.path accordingly to be lib/linux or lib/linux64 as required.

  • support for directories that have spaces in them. not entirely tested, but is certainly on its way to working anyway.

-easier to read formatting for the building of classpath and the command line parameters

Please let me know if you have any problems or concerns with this,

startup_sh-11699.patch.zip (800 Bytes)

Filed as SPARK-1139