Patch: JDBC providers using the main Openfire database connection pool

Hello everyone, my first post. I am contributing a patch to allow the JDBC*Provider classes to use the global database pool. I did it because we are not using the embeeded database and the Openfire db schema is installed on the same database than our users and group tables, so in order to reduce the database configuration to only one place the patch add three new properties:

  • jdbcAuthProvider.useConnectionProvider
  • jdbcGroupProvider.useConnectionProvider
  • jdbcUserProvider.useConnectionProvider

When any of these properties is true, the respective JDBC*Provider ignore the jdbcProvider.driver and **jdbcProvider.connectionString **properties and calls DbConnectionManager.getConnection() to get a connection from the openfire connection pool.

Hope this helps


Thanks, I have filed this in Jira so that the committing devels will see it: