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[Patch] Scratchpad Dialog has graphical errors

The scratchpad shows a field use {0}. That rubish. Here is a screenshot and a fix.

ScratchPadPlugin.java.patch (1177 Bytes)


Btw, Walter, as this is not a first and last patch from you, have you signed acontributor agreement and send it to Jive?

Yes, a contributors agreement has been send.


Do you have a Jira account? You could just directly file and manage your patches there, if you wish…


Hi Daryl,

I do have a Jira account. I am not sure how to get the right attention for a patch and decided that a forum post and a mail to cstux is the best way.

For professional reasons, I should use Jira.


Thanks Walter. I have added you to the spark-developers group in Jira. No worries about how you are approaching development, I just want to make sure you have the options available