[Patch] Selectable LookAndFeel

Added an Option in “Appearance” Menu to choose between more than just SystemLAF and SubstanceBlue

you’ll also need to replace your substance.jar with the newer version at **trunk\build\lib\dist\ **(see attachments)

requesting comments on this

also a hint on how to explore javaPackages for Classnames would be nice, currently added them by hand
spark_2_6_0_12119_online.exe.zip (20818037 Bytes)
LookAndFeel.patch.zip (4255 Bytes)
substance.jar (1483120 Bytes)

Didn’t notice this post before. Variety is good, but some skins look too dark or to contrast comparing with some bluish harcoded gui elements. Current substance (business bluesteel) skin looks best to me (maybe also office blue). It is pity that one has to restart Spark to try out a skin. I got tired of this very quickly

havent checked before, but ill look into changing without restarting, or possible preview options

the first ~5 skins are default java skins, the other are from the substance.library