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Path problem at server start


I encounter a problem when I launch the openfire server :

$/opt/openfire/bin/openfire.sh start

ls: /usr/java/j*: No such file or directory

Then exceptions are triggered:

java.io.FileNotFoundException: XML properties file does not exist: openfire.xml

Accessing the Openfire administration interface on port 9090 I have got this message :

“Home not found. Define system property “openfireHome” or create and add the openfire_init.xml file to the classpath”

Thanks a lot if you can give me any hint,



a start script which changes the current directory to your /path-to-openfire/openfire/bin before trying to start Openfire would help a lot. It seems to be a common Openfire problem.

cd /path-to-openfire/openfire/bin

nohup java -server -jar …/lib/startup.jar &

would be the very short version to start it.


Thanks for this answer,

The “nohup java -server -jar …/lib/startup.jar &” starts better thant “./openfire.sh start” because no exceptions are launched. But the Openfire server remains inaccessible : no connections are possible and the administration console is still freezed on the same step.

If this is a common problem, isn’'t there a fix ?

I wonder if to uninstall the openfire server and reinstall it with another version would solve the problem, but what files should I remove and what version should I donwload ?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Guillaume,

I don’'t know how you did install it, so I have no idea which files you want to remove.

http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/LinuxInstallationGuide is a simple guide to set Openfire up. You may want to read it, check the file permissions and probably install Openfire again according to this guide.


Hello LG,

In fact the the error came from me : I was starting the server with a wrong user… Sorry for that. Anyway, I have learned things with the link you gave me.

Thank you,