Pay for support?

We may be interested in offering Openfire + Jitsi Meet to create a video conference solution, as port of our existing product offering. It would NOT be changed for as its just a bolt on feature, and doesn’t consume much in the way of resources.

I have Openfire and the jitsi meet plugin installed, although it worked a few times, it’s extremely unstable!!.

We experience :

  • Entering the same room with to members, but they are not joined
  • Sometimes the “focus” member is added as a participant (no idea what this focus member is in any case)
  • Sometimes a conference is created for one side, but not the other
  • Sometimes the conference is created but then there is no video (or audio) - while chat works fine (this happens 90% of the time)
  • Sometimes the video quality is extremely bad - literally only get a few frames every few seconds. (If video works at all)

So, if we are to add it to our solutions for our customers we could need it to be as stable as Skype. Otherwise you may as well just use Skype. (It’s free and it works perfectly every time.)

This kind of product is only useful because we, as the provider, can:

  • Control users - clients can have control over who uses it.
  • Use QOS - its near impossible to QOS skype, while with this you can have special routing and dedicated bandwith.
  • Ensure the product is kept up to date.
  • Integrate directly into our existing browser GUI.

Although these advantages are not that impressive, many people have opted to ban skype on their networks, so if we can offer it as simple video conferencing solution, this would fit nicely into our offerings.

How would I go about getting the kind of support we need to offer this commercially? Who do I speak to?