Pb between Xiff 3, Open fire 3.6 and Flex 3 :'(


I just installed OpenFire (3.6.0) and Xiff (xiff_3_0_0-beta1).

After a lot of tests, it appears that my FLEX application (Flex 3) is not able to connect to Open Fire :’(

Could you help me ?

Thx !!!

  • Open fire is up.

  • I started apache (port 80). The root directory is linked to my Flex workspace (c:\workspace)

  • I have no Firewall on my computer.

  • I created the file crossdomain.xml under the workspace :

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  • Extract of the MXML :

var connection:XMPPSocketConnection;

connection = new XMPPSocketConnection();


connection.username = “xxxxxx”;
connection.password = “xxxxxx”;
connection.server = “localhost”;
connection.port = 5229;


Alert.show(“result”, "Is it loggedIn : " +connection.isLoggedIn() , Alert.OK);

From “http://localhost/myproject/myproject.html”, I have got no result and no log :’(

From “c:\workspace\myproject\myproject.html”, I have got no result but some logs are displayed (coming from events) :

Extract of logs :

OUTGOING: <?xml version="1.0"?><flash:stream to=“localhost” xmlns=“jabber:client” xmlns:flash=“http://www.jabber.com/streams/flash” version=“1.0”>
INCOMING: <?xml version="1.0"?>

i dont think supports Flex 3 only Flex 2 . I had asked same question 3 months ago but xiff dev wont bother answer or mention in documentation … i got clue from http://osflash.org/xiff

I am doing same and getting same as like you. I have installed 3.6 , ny old xiff is not working with it ,but my old spark is capable…why it is so…