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PC to PC calls?

If a jabber client implements support for this, it can be used to make pc-pc calls like skype? What is the bandwith requirements and CPU requirements?

Not exactly. If a jabber client implements this (and the jabber plugin for Trillian does, for example), you can set-up a call between existing phones (softphones or hardphones) through your client.

For example:

You want to call your co-worker. You see he’'s online through Trillian. You right-mouse-button click his name, and select ‘‘place phonecall to user.’’ Your phone (be it a softphone or hardphone) starts to ring. After you pickup, your co-workers phone will start ringing.

There’‘s a couple of bells and whistles I left out (caller-id, noticeably), but that’'s about it.

What does jabber client support asterisk? Does Buddyspace support?

I want a open-source jabber client that support asterisk.

Could you tell me some.

There’'s a list of Jabber clients that support the JiveSoftware Asterisk-IM plugin. You can find it at http://www.jivesoftware.org/asterisk-im/clients.jsp[/url].

Currently, there’'s only one client that supports it (Trillian, combined with a Trillian plugin that only loads in the ‘‘pro’’ version of the client) - but more will probably follow.

The Asterisk-IM API is provided as well: if the open source client of your choice doesn’'t support the Asterisk-IM, you could implement it yourself.

Also Jive Spark, that was just released today supports it.



I’'ve read somewhere that Pandion supports Asterisk-IM too.

A bit of googling got me this: http://forums.pandion.be/viewtopic.php?t=930

Apparently, you need Patch for Pandion 2.1.2b