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I have a requirement for PC-to-PC voice calling. What would be the best way to solve this with a recent version of Spark and Openfire? It seems that Jingle support is broken since a few versions back.

I would be very grateful for any help. Thanks!

Not with Spark. You might look into other clients like Jitsi.

Thank you for your reply!

All right, although it makes me a bit disappointed. Do you have any information regarding the reason for this change, or when it might be fixed? We have other requirements which have forced us to specifically use Spark. SSO login with a smartcard is probably the toughest one to find in an alternative client.

It certainly wasn’t intended. The main cause is the need to move from the proprietary library, so Spark would be completely open source. One person started the move to an open source library for voice calls, but he never finished it (and he is not participating in Spark project anymore) and it is a pretty complex issue. As Spark lacks somewhat regular experienced developers, it is not known when and whether it will be fixed.